“Diamil” Moustapha Ciss was born in Dakar in 1976. Autodidact in literature, Graduate of the street with a Master in Labour, he is better known under the name of Diamil MC, the last Serere poet.

After years of writing, with his freedom of imagination as his only boundary, Diamil MC made his first appearance on stage on February 2nd, 2010 in an open-mic show hosted by the Collective Vendredi Slam.  From that day on, captivated by this new way of expression and of exchange, the slam remained his preferred discipline. He defines it as “the passage from paper to the scene, is the art of combining words in a pleasant way for our ears and useful for our minds, the art of making hearts dance to the sound of prosody.”

CoverUnder his appearance of a discreet observer, adept of good humor, Diamil MC celebrates every time his passion for poetry. He amazes the Senegalese public who feel the flavor of every single Word of his compositions plenty of nuances. His poetry reflects the extent of his view of humanity or, as he says in one of his poems, “it reflects the vision of my soul. I love humanity so I consider myself as a universal being. “

CD VSlamDiamil MC also cultivates other literary genres. In 2012 he published collection of short stories entitled “Thirty thousand volts of Dreams”, published in the Black Diasporas Editions. He participated in “S comme Slam” LP, recorded in 2014 with Vendredi Slam.

In recent years, Diamil MC has consolidated itself as one of the poetry writers on the national scene, also International. In May 2014, he participated as a guest poet in “Spier Poetry Festival. Dancing in other words” Poetry Festival celebrated in Cape Town, South Africa and curated by Breyten Breytenbach.


“Art de Déclamation Massive”, published in December 2015 by Editions et Diffusion Athéna,  is his first poetry/slam compilation.

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